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Airport Badging Office

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday (Except Holidays)
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Badging and Fingerprinting: (Fingerprinting By Appointment Only)
Monday – Thursday
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Administrative Day:
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Friday

For more information or to request a badge application email

  • Airport Badge Application: Applicants for an initial or renewal AOA, SIDA and STERILE badges must submit a completed application to the Airport Badging Office and applicants must bring with them proof of identity and work authorization documents from the IRS form I-9 list of acceptable documents. AOA badge applicants must successfully pass a Security Threat Assessment before they take a written exam to receive a badge.  SIDA and STERILE badge applicants must successfully pass a Criminal History Records Check and Security Threat Assessment before they may attend a training class to receive a badge.  SIDA and STERILE badge applicants must be fingerprinted. To schedule a fingerprint appointments for badging purposes, please contact the Badge Office at or (386)248-8030 Ext 18368 / 18373.
  • Alien Flight School Fingerprinting: Flight school candidates:
    • Must have the email from TSA with authorization number to approve fingerprint collection. Hint: The email subject line states “AFSP Training Request #999999: Documentation Accepted/Fingerprint Instructions” and is usually 2-4 pages long.
    • Must have enrolled on to register online for fingerprint collection and paid for fingerprint collection. 
    • Must have the printed Fingerprint Control Form. 
    • Must have a valid passport as the primary piece of identification.
    • Please contact Airport Badge Office to schedule Alien Flight School Program fingerprint appointment at
  • Lost/Stolen Badge Application: Fee for a first lost badge is $50. Fee for a second lost badge is $100.
  • Customs Application: SIDA badge applicants with a need to work at the US Customs facility will require additional approval and must complete Customs form 3078. This form must be submitted along with the SIDA badge application. The Airport will forward this form to Customs for review and approval.
  • Employee Parking Application: Employee parking decals are only for those employees whose physical work location is Daytona Beach International Airport. The application must be signed by a supervisor prior to submission to the Badging Office. One parking decal per employee will be issued free of charge, additional decals are $6 each.
  • Ground Transportation Operator Application: Applicants for Ground Transportation Operator (GTO) privileges must submit a completed application along with a Criminal History Records Check, FL Department Highway Safety Motor Vehicle Drivers License Record, and City of Daytona Beach Driving Permit to the Ground Transportation Office. GTO applications will not be accepted at the Airport Badging Office.