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Daytona Beach International Airport passenger traffic up 9 percent in July

Passenger traffic at Daytona Beach International Airport increased 9 percent in July compared with July, 2013.  During the month 57,397 passengers flew in or out of the county-operated airport compared to 52,616 passengers last July.

For the 12 months ending July 31, passenger traffic at Daytona Beach International Airport increased 6 percent -- from 593,044 passengers last year to 627,788 passengers this year.  Airport Director Rick Karl noted that the traffic increase in July represents a stable operating environment which continues to be characterized by strong passenger loads and competitive fares.  During July, Delta Air Lines and U.S Airways had an average passenger load of 93 percent of the available seats filled.  Last July this performance statistic was 88 percent.

“We remain optimistic traffic will continue to be stable and positive throughout the balance of 2014 and moving into 2015,” Karl said.

For further information, please contact Stephen J. Cooke, Director of Business Development at (386) 248-8030, ext. 18309.

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