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Passenger traffic at Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) decreased 1 percent for March in comparison with March last year.* During the month, 70,023 passengers flew in or out of the county-operated airport, compared to 70,936 passengers last February.

For the 12 months ending February, total passenger traffic at DAB has increased 9.2 percent with 648,086 passengers traveling through the facility last year compared to 708,116 passengers this year. “March 2017 remained consistent with what we saw last March for passenger traffic, despite several cancellations caused by weather,” said Airport Director Rick Karl.                                                                                 

“The weather this spring in the central and northeast regions has been unusually disruptive, triggering significant flight disruptions across the country. In the first two weeks of April, Delta Airlines has had twelve flight cancellations and a dozen more delays.”

Karl added, “Although weather and cancellations have had slight impacts on total passenger numbers, we have seen load factors for JetBlue service increase each month this year, which is very encouraging.”

For more information, contact Business Development Director Jay Cassens at 386-248-8030, ext. 18309.

Disclaimer: *The monthly passenger traffic data obtained by the airport from the airlines is unofficial. Airline revenue passenger data can be obtained through the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Data is usually reported three months after completion.

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