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Airlines add flights at Daytona Beach International Airport

Posted On: June 24, 2020

Airlines add flights at Daytona Beach International Airport

After scaling back schedules due to travel restrictions from COVID-19, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines are adding flights to future schedules at Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB).

Currently, Delta has one arriving and departing flight and American has two arriving and departing flights daily. On June 27, Delta will add a second arrival and departure, and on July 2, a third. American will add two arrivals and departures on July 7, one of which operates with the Airbus A-319, a larger mainline aircraft that has 52 more seats than the CRJ900, which is used by the airline on its other flights at DAB. By mid-July, DAB will have seven daily arrivals and departures compared with 10 in early March.

“Passenger traffic is still at historically low levels but it is starting to pick up and the airlines are responding to that passenger demand,” said Airport Director Karen Feaster.

According to Lisa Schwartz, American Airlines station manager at DAB, the airline has one of the highest load factors at DAB throughout the company’s route system. Air service consultant Will Berchelmann says it’s significant that American is bringing back the A319 to Daytona Beach.

"A319s are at a premium right now in American's network, representing only a small percentage of Charlotte's total departures,” said Will Berchelmann, director of air service for Volaire Aviation Consultants. “American is putting the A319 in Daytona Beach because it believes it will generate the level of revenue that will make the investment worthwhile. There are many other markets where American could've assigned the A319, including two other Florida markets, but they chose Daytona Beach. It's a testament to the scope of Volusia County's recovery versus other markets in American system.”

Throughout the pandemic, DAB never lost service from either of its two main airline partners, which was not the case at many airports around the country.

“We have great airline partners – Delta, which has been here for more than 40 years, and American, more than 10. Because of those great partnerships, and the airport’s sound financial position – with two years of reserves and a CARES Act grant – DAB can maintain normal operations for several years and is ready to support our airlines and other tenants through this long recovery,” said Feaster.

Passengers are encouraged to check airline schedules regularly and check the airlines’ websites for new requirements. Delta and American require face coverings while traveling. The airport encourages travelers to follow CDC guidelines on face coverings while in the terminal and to continue to practice social distancing and good hand hygiene.

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